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my journal is pretty dead nowadays, but i'm still around! for fics and communities (and memes, heheh), so. i TRY to update sometimes. (every six months or so, lol. u__u)

▪ mostly english, sometimes finnish
▪ about my life, and sparkly fandoms that brighten it up
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▪ sometimes i write fics, or translate things to practice my japanese.

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[translation] SixTONES, Popolo 2015.08

Hiya, long time no see! Summer's made me extremely lazy, also there isn't that much going on right now, except soon me traveling around Finland on weekends to see friends and do summer-y things~

Aanyway. I translated something after a while! I absolutely wanted to do the new SixTONES Popolo interview, because they re-did the same polaroid + character explanation that I translated back in 2013. :D IT'S BEEN ALMOST 3 YEARS OMG. AND NOW THEY'RE A PROPER GROUP WITH A NAME ;A;<3 (yes, I still get super emotional over this at times u__u)

But without further a do, the interview:

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also, YAY at six tones doing shounentachi in fall :D the poster is just hideous lol, but what else is new. i'm happy that they're doing stuff! together! i just hope they don't die, it's only two weeks between the end of gamushara shows and the start of the play :x
other than that, i'm super looking forward to gamushara summer station and how each team and their performances will turn out~
mitsu pout.


now it's finally here, my last night in japan. my exchange year's come to an end! it's been a long and eventful year in many aspects, and i've had fun. now it feels kind of empty, and while i'd of course like to stay in japan, i'm also happy to go home after a while. i miss my friends, and FINNISH SUMMER *__*
and well, i'll so be back in here sooner or later again.

my last month here was rather eventful because my friend was staying over at our house and we were traveling around and doing all kinds of stuff. it was fun! due to that though, i was kinda busy getting other stuff done properly, like last school assignments or wakamono AHEM. (i'm so so thankful of the extension time we got ;_; gonna finish it once i get home!)

also, once i get home, i'm just going to sit down and WATCH ALL THE STUFF i haven't had time to watch during the last month. allll the dramas and gamusharas and shokuras etc etc. i will have all the time during summer to write all the fic as well. yay.

sigh. feels so empty and sad but then again, some things must end so that other things can start in turn, so. またね、日本。

(also err, because of my friend and her diligent spamming during the time she was here, i kinda fell down in the EXO hole and now i don't know how to get up u__u sometimes my fandom life is just one huge joke orz.)
bakaleya kasa

[report] Bakaleya5/six tones, Crea 2015.04.30

I'm back from Tokyo and I wrote something!

This weekend was crazy, in a good way! So many things happened, my head's still spinning.

This report ended up way too long and scrappy, I'm sorry, I tried. There are also a couple of recordings at the end if someone's interested. Kouchi, Jesse and Shintaro's solos, the skit part (+ Mori Maccho Oniisan :D) and Endless Road.

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bakaleya kasa

[translation] Bakaleya6, Duet 2015.05 & Wink Up 2015.05

It was the Bakaleya drama's 3rd anniversary on the 14th, and I managed to finish these nicely for that, almost :D THREE YEARS?? I can't believe it's been that long... Though, I can remember myself, who started watching the drama only for Miyata and Takaki's sake back then and then ended up caring about those random six juniors a bit too much u__u Sigh.
I hope we can keep having these anniversaries in the future, too!

In Duet, they talk about new things they'd like to try, like music instruments or acrobatics, and Taiga wonders how he could probably do both Elisabeth's practice and Crea at the same time.
In Wink Up, they do the same theme they did three years ago, how would it be to live together with these members.

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bakaleya kasa

[translation] Bakaleya6, Wink Up 2015.04 & TV Fan 2015.05

translation update! because this is the only way i contribute to fandom these days...
but TOO MANY CUTE B6 INTERVIEWS GDI. i will stop translating these when they stop being funny and interesting XD; i also want to do the crosstalk from newest duet...

but here, have april's wink up and the TV fan interview!
in wink up, they talk about not losing to anyone in anything and on TV fan (again) look back to these three years, talk about Crea a bit and then they all talk individually about themselves and their aims.

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[translation] junior profiles, TV Guide

Howdy! I have bunch of important and "important" stuff I should maybe be doing right now, so what's more perfect time to do something totally different (ie. translations). There was a collection of juniors and their profiles on the new TV Guide, and I thought that I could translate some of them, since usually the "basic facts" etc we have on the regular magazines seem a bit outdated.

I was selfish and just picked the ones I'm most interested in ::D I could maybe do others if there's someone people would want to see?
The ones I did, in the order they were on the magazine: Iwamoto Hikaru, Kyomoto Taiga, Kouchi Yugo, Sanada Yuma, Jesse, Takahashi Fuu, Tanaka Juri, Teranishi Takuto, Hirano Sho, Matsumura Hokuto, Morimoto Shintaro
Edit: Also did Anderson Casey, Okamoto Kauan and Masuda Ryo.

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That was it!

Hmm, recent things: So much school stuff to do, and the midterm period is also slowly getting nearer and nearer. :| I promised myself that I will GANBARU like crazy until midterms, because after them, there will be all kinds of stuff going on and I'll most likely need to skip classes more and all. The rest of the spring will most likely be both fun because of all the trips and cons coming up, and stressful because of the end of the semester and moving-out/going-back-home circus will start orz.

Fandom stuff! CREAAAA. The announcement came a lot earlier than I'd feared/expected, which is great. Anddd I have no complaints about the group I'd want to go and see. Of course shame that Taiga won't be there. But reallyyy, all the B6 lately, what is going on, stop teasing us already u__u
...I still haven't watched my Kisumai con DVD orz. Mostly because I'd need to borrow Siina's laptop for that since mine doesn't have the CD/DVD slot. I've also watched only half of the making of. One of these days... On the other news, I'm kinda excited for their new single. At least I'm super proud of the splitless covers! :3

ps. I'm almost ready to bet money that Taiga isn't 177cm?? I wonder if that's a typo or if he's KIND OF mistaken himself, or...? XD