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[translation] Bakaleya6 Popolo 2012.11

wanted to translate this interview because i found it interesting. you learn a bit more about their characters/personalities, told by themselves and other guys.
scans credit to kyomototaiga.

Popolo 2012.11

His real character that only I know?!
Intense photographs, unedited polaroids. The big revelation of the true faces!

The convention of naming and photographing members' characters together! People with a weird character reputation (laugh) and neat poses, plea~se♥

Photographs and comments:
Morimoto Shintaro

Morimoto Shintaro - teased.
I'm a noisy gourmand and a brat who's always causing troubles for everyone (laughs). Even so, everyone teases that sort of me a lot. In reality, everyone is kind. But I'm being teased a lot, I don't really know why (laughs).

Matsumura Hokuto - stylish.
Hokuto is super funny but because Juri also has that kind of a character, he's definitely the stylish character. I don't really understand fashion but Hokuto has this fashionable atmosphere on him. He gives off a stylish aura, right.

Jesse - comfort.
Even if Jesse is older than me, inside me he has a healing kind of character. Things become fun when you look at him and you forget any unpleasant stuff. He's sort of cute. Even though his appearance is adult like, or rather he has a gap, when you're with him, you feel relieved* [* hokkori = warm and fluffy, feeling of tired relief or accomplishment after effort or perseverance]

Kyomoto Taiga - gap.
The image of him doing female roles in butais is strong but that's because his appearance is a bit girlish. But his personality isn't girlish but conversely manly. That's why he's probably a character that has a gap. Because girls like gaps, he's absolutely popular, right.

Tanaka Juri - amusing.
Juri is a funny character, to the point that even when he's alone, the cheerfulness of the scene is different. Even at times when we're busy with shooting or the like, if Juri's there my spirits rise. He's always talking and stuff, isn't he. It's fun, I like Juri.

Kouchi Yugo - the fool.
He has a complete fool character (laughs). I can't explain it well but when his spirits rise, he starts meddling weirdly. Anyway, he does nothing but foolish things (laughs). But when you're with him it's super fun!

Photographs and comments:
Matsumura Hokuto

Morimoto Shintaro - brat.
He's always pretending to be tough but if there's something bothering him, he becomes downhearted. During those kind of moments, if I meet him I leave him alone. Even if he's feeling down, he soon revives. At those kind of times as well, I think that he's a brat (laughs).

Matsumura Hokuto - gap.
Even though I'm told that my appearance is cool and mature, I'm often told that my personality is a complete opposite. I'm shy at first but when I throw off reserves, I'll start seeking for laughs! But I have a gap, so isn't that good (laughs)?

Jesse - mystery.
Jesse is funny and I really like him but I really don't know what he's thinking. He'll suddenly start dancing in a crowd of people, or say things that make you think "you're saying that now with this timing?", because of that, you'll become irritated (laughs).

Kyomoto Taiga - onee* appearance.
During Bakaleya's filming, he'd suddenly come and join hands with me. Furthermore, in a lovey-dovey, lovers kind of way! I also went on with it, and we were seen by a person who was an extra.... I'm worried whether "doubts of us having affair*" will be born (laughs).
[*オネエ/onee refers to a male who acts and talks very womanly. "onee"-like men are often automatically perceived as gay but not all of them necessarily are.
*the word Hokuto used, デキてる, basically means fucking]

Tanaka Juri - the fool.
You know, Juri's certainly called me a fool as well, hasn't he (laughs)? I think we are the two top fools! Our everyday lives are overflowing with foolishness. He immediately comes and joins in talking, and I think that me and Juri resemble each other.

Kouchi Yugo - "banchou" (= a leader of a group of juvenile delinquents).
Needless to say, he's a banchou (laughs)! He's always prepared with a substantial feeling and no matter what happens, his pace isn't destroyed or being perturbed. He also firmly holds his own opinion and says it straightly. Kouchi has the banchou personality!

Photographs and comments:

Morimoto Shintaro - pout.
When he's being teased by like, Hokuto, he often sulks. It's like, he's only making fun of you but don't take it seriously~. He doesn't understand the joking (laughs). But I think that kind of side of him is little brother like and cute!

Matsumura Hokuto - intelligent.
That's only the appearance. But, doesn't he look like he'd be intelligent? But when you're actually talking to him, he's completely hopeless (laughs). Personally, it'd be good if he was like Bakaleya's Tetsuya but (laughs). He's a fellow who's usually always messing around, he's cute!

Jesse - mystery.
When my spirits get high, I become so that I can't stop laughing, and I say things I want to say straightforwardly. Moreover, if I look at the sun, I can't stop sneezing. A while ago, I did a serial of 16 sneezes at one go. Also, everyone often says that I'm a mystery.

Kyomoto Taiga - girl.
When he gets naked, he's girl-like (laughs). Because he's slender, if he wore bikinis, wouldn't he pass as a girl? Times when I thought he's cute... there's none (laughs)! But, his hair is long and his gestures are also girlish. Frankly, the girl suspicions...!

Tanaka Juri - laughs.
How he'd earn laughs, he's always thinking of nothing but that. He'd suddenly come and say "let's do a manzai*" and then start with "hello, hello~". Moreover, everyone are being dragged into it! I don't really laugh at it though (laughs).
[* two-man comedy act]

Kouchi Yugo - the fool.
Kouchi's a fool, there isn't anything else you can say about him! When we're playing together, at first he's like "this is soo troublesome" and yet when we really go, he's the one who gets most excited! Even though he's behaving like an adult, honestly he's the biggest kid (laughs).

Photographs and comments:
Kyomoto Taiga

Morimoto Shintaro - gorikimomaccho*.
Although he's the youngest, being a maccho is not allowed. Moreover, it's a bit gross (laughs). But as for me, I'm not muscular to that extent, and there's maybe a part of me that respects training your body so much.
[*gorikimoi is gyaru-ish word for something gross. gori is also a fish. so, taiga's saying shintaro's macho and a bit gross, like the fish with that face?]

Matsumura Hokuto - insistent relationship.
That guy, he earnestly comes and gets tangled with me. It's like "Kyomocchan x 2" kind of feeling. This photograph too, even though it looks like he has the kind of expression that he wants to get tangled with me, I wonder how it is (laughs)?

Jesse - hidden comfort.
By his outward appearance, he's maybe seen as really cool but honestly among us, Jesse is the most comforting character. His words and actions hit the bull's eye in us in a good way, and we're always healed by him.

Kyomoto Taiga - only my face is girlish.
Everyone are taking girlish photographs of me but in reality, I'm manlier than anyone. My favourite motto is "carrying out one's words", and I'm a stubborn and my pace person. I shall appeal here over again, that I'm a stout type (laughs)!

Tanaka Juri - hyper weird face.
He's always in high spirits. When he's singing coolly on the stage, or when he's making weird faces and fooling around, his mood is amazing. He's never shoddy. I wonder where does that hyper kind of feeling stem from.

Kouchi Yugo - mischievous storm.
Kouchi has an image of often destroying the atmosphere of the current situation. Like, when we appear on our senpais' concerts, only he alone would pop out during MC (laughs). Well, because of that, the spirits of that place calm down so that's fine.

Photographs and comments:
Tanaka Juri

Morimoto Shintaro - younger brother easily moved to tears.
His drama role was a gang leader, however he's the youngest and if anything, he's a following type, I think. He's a crybaby and occasionally becomes despondent. That kind of Shin-chan is cute and I love him but like, I start wanting to tease him (laughs).

Matsumura Hokuto - the biggest fool.
Hokuto is the biggest fool. Almost so much that it's not allowed, even though his drama role was kinda cool (laughs). I tried to reflect the true Hokuto with the camera, but (Hokuto, who's beside him: "say that I'm sexy"). Look, it's too late already, it's weird to be like that in this kind of situation (laughs).

Jesse - gap.
His appearance is adult-like but honestly, he's innocent and the type who's popular among girls. Although at first glance he seems manly, he's cute! But he himself isn't aiming at that at all, rather being a natural airhead. That's because he's immediately saying what he's thinking.

Kyomoto Taiga - effeminate.
His appearance is girly and even though he did this kind pose I asked with pleasure, his personality is exactly opposite. His outward appearance is girly, to the extent of some girly manners but in reality he's manly, and follow-me-type, I think.

Tanaka Juri - the two top fool.
"I'm the unsung hero type," I say jokingly. With Hokuto, we are the two top Fools (laughs). The truth is, I want to say good things, but I get embarrassed and end up joking instead. I'm an awkward character who can't express himself straightforwardly.

Kouchi Yugo - banchou.
Among us we call him banchou but rather than being banchou-like, something is slightly off (with him?) (laughs). When he's coming in late wearing transparent sunglasses, he has a yankee feeling (laughs). But he's really manly so after all, he's a banchou, I think.

Photographs and comments:
Kouchi Yugo

Morimoto Shintaro - gourmand.
That guy, he has an image of always eating something. Also during Bakaleya's filming, it seemed like the lunch bentou was not enough for him, so during break time he ate sweets like a kid (laughs).

Matsumura Hokuto - likes skulls.
I think there are people who have noticed this but Hokuto's always wearing clothes or accessories which have skulls on them. I haven't heard the full reason but perhaps it's to add up to his cool image?

Jesse - strange.
He's the only one I can't read. Usually I don't know what he's thinking. He also calmly expresses things you aren't allowed to talk about. Perhaps he manages TPO* but he's really hopeless, isn't he (laughs).
[*TPO = Time, Place, Occasion. Understanding of those three, and using them properly. In other words, discretion. (So, Kouchi's implying that Jesse is KY XD;)]

Kyomoto Taiga - eseserebu*
For him, the celebrity like image is only the elegance that's following him around but really it's not like that at all. He's only his usual, self-centered character. I hope that everyone won't be deceived by the atmosphere or image he's engendering (laughs).
[*eseserebu is a person who at first glance looks like a celebrity but in reality is not.]

Tanaka Juri - the fool.
Juri is really just living in his own world. Therefore, without thinking about the surroundings he ends up doing idiotic stuff. Like, during interval between shoots, he'll suddenly start taking off his clothes. By all means, he really is a foolish guy (laughs).

Kouchi Yugo - weird faces.
By nature, I'm a weird character (laughs). Well, jokes aside, I've always liked moving my facial muscles. Therefore, if I'm pointed with a camera, I unintentionally make a weird face. I'm stuck with that habit (laughs).


thank you for reading! :3 comments are appreciated~
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