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[translation] junior profiles, TV Guide

Howdy! I have bunch of important and "important" stuff I should maybe be doing right now, so what's more perfect time to do something totally different (ie. translations). There was a collection of juniors and their profiles on the new TV Guide, and I thought that I could translate some of them, since usually the "basic facts" etc we have on the regular magazines seem a bit outdated.

I was selfish and just picked the ones I'm most interested in ::D I could maybe do others if there's someone people would want to see?
The ones I did, in the order they were on the magazine: Iwamoto Hikaru, Kyomoto Taiga, Kouchi Yugo, Sanada Yuma, Jesse, Takahashi Fuu, Tanaka Juri, Teranishi Takuto, Hirano Sho, Matsumura Hokuto, Morimoto Shintaro
Edit: Also did Anderson Casey, Okamoto Kauan and Masuda Ryo.

Junior profiles from TV Guide

1. Name
2. Nickname
3. Birthday
4. Bloodtype
5. Height, weight, shoe size
6. Favourite food
7. Food you hate
8. The origin/meaning of your name
9. Habit?
10. Club activies you do/did at school?
11. Sports you’re good at?
12. Respected senpai?
13. Senpai you’re good friends with?
14. Songs you like to dance to?
15. An action a girl makes that you like?
16. Something that made you go "kyun" lately?
17. Message for TV Guide’s readers?

1. Iwamoto Hikaru
2. Hikaru, Hii-kun
3. 1993.05.17
4. A
5. 182cm, 67kg, 28cm
6. Chocolate, chaahan (fried rice)
7. Cucumber, onion
8. To become an existence that will always shine on everyone
9. Biting my lip
10. None
11. Athletics
12. Takizawa Hideaki-kun, Totsuka Shota-kun
13. Hashimoto Ryosuke-kun, Yokoo Wataru-kun, Tsukada Ryoichi-kun
14. Giramera, Number One! Only One! (Tackey & Tsubasa)
15. A movement of her mouth after applying lip cream
16. While I was sitting in living room, our dog climbed on my leg, waving its tail
17. If one looks quickly, there are many things (in me) that may look scary but not matching my appearance, there are many things I’m scared of, and I’m also kind of picky about food. Because of that, I’d want peole to pay attention to that GAP.

1. Kyomoto Taiga
2. Taiga
3. 1994.12.03
4. B
5. 177cm, 53kg, 27,5cm
6. Tomato
7. None
8. Without forgetting myself, to grow up big/great
9. Cracking my joints
10. Tennis
11. Karate
12. Yamashita Tomohisa-kun, Tegoshi Yuya-kun, Totsuka Shota-kun
13. Tegoshi-kun, Totsuka-kun, Fujigaya-kun
14. REAL DX (Tackey & Tsubasa)
15. A girl who smiles like a sunflower
16. When I was reading fanletter, a young girl wrote that she liked a song I had made myself.
17. I always want to make progress and aim for the top. I also write songs myself so I’m working hard to be able to debut someday! Please support me.

1. Kouchi Yugo
2. Kouchi
3. 1994.03.09
4. A
5. 175cm, 58kg, 27cm
6. Omurice
7. Shiitake mushroom
8. Hoping for me to become a kind person
9. I always ruffle my hair
10. Soccer
11. Futsal, soccer
12. Kamenashi Kazuya-san, Aiba Masaki-san
13. Kikuchi Fuma-san, Chinen Yuri-san
14. REAL DX (Tackey & Tsubasa)
15. When she smiles all cheerfully
16. On a train, a baby looked at me and was grinning
17. From now on too I shall do my best with smile and good spirits, so please support Kouchi Yugo.

1. Sanada Yuma
2. Sanapii
3. 1992.11.21
4. O
5. 175cm, 64kg, 27,5cm
6. Melon
7. Nuts
8. (佑, yuu) To live strongly, like a horse (馬). ….I say that but it seems like there isn’t any deeper meaning.
9. Stroking my nose
10. Volleyball
11. Kick-boxing
12. All the senpai
13. Totsuka Shota-kun
15. When she’s touching her hair
16. When I was watching a (romantic) movie
17. I’m Sanada. Please remember me!

1. Jesse
2. Jeshio, Ojeshi, JC, Jeshiko, Jessan
3. 1996.06.11
4. ?
5. 184cm, 65kg, 27cm
6. Sushi, yakiniku
7. None
8. In the Bible, there was a person called Jesse, who could contact the god. Parents wished that I could become a great person like that too.
9. Playing with my tongue
10. Soccer, volunteer activities
11. Karate, soccer, sword fight, rope jumping, freestyle basketball
12. Domoto Tsuyoshi-kun
13. Tamamori Yuta-kun, Tsukada Ryoichi-kun, Goseki Koichi-kun, Yamashita Tomohisa-kun, Fujigaya Taisuke-kun
14. Sing for you (Tamamori/Miyata/Senga), me~chikyuu no iru~ (Kinki Kids), REAL DX (Tackey & Tsubasa)
15. When she puts hair behind her ear
16. I gave my taxi to a grandma and made myself go kyun!
17. Please support me! I want to deliver a smile that is Jesse-like!

1. Takahashi Fuu
2. Fu~
3. 1998.05.08
4. O
5. 171cm, 54kg, 27cm
6. Melon bread, mugicha (barley tea)
7. None
8. 颯... a strong kid who could face anything without losing; ふう...a kid who could be kind to anyone
9. I sing without noticing it
10. Athletics, running high jump
11. Fierljeppen (the jumping with a long pole they did on Gamushara), capoeira
12. SMAP, TOKIO, V6… Ohno-kun
13. Kouchi Yugo-kun
14. ROCK U (Kitayama Hiromitsu)
15. When she puts hair behind her ear
16. When I listened to a sad song
17. I do my best so that I could cheer everyone up even if just a little

1. Tanaka Juri
2. Juri
3. 1995.06.15
4. B
5. 174cm, 53kg, 26cm
6. Fried prawn (ebi furai), hamburg steak, omurice
7. Paprica
8. My parents like Sawada Kenji (his nickname was Julie), so they took Juri from Julie.
9. Playing with my hair
10. Baseball, basketball, athletics
11. Basketball
12. Yamashita Tomohisa-kun, Nagase Tomoya-kun
13. Kiriyama Akito-kun
14. REAL DX (Tackey & Tsubasa)
15. When she has food in her mouth and I ask "is it good?", she’d answer "it’s good!" without opening her mouth.
16. On an infinite loop, a dog came to me and licked my hand, acting all spoiled
17. My last name is very common "Tanaka", but my first name is rare, "Juri". Please be infatuated by this gap.

1. Teranishi Takuto
2. Tera, Takuto
3. 1994.12.31
4. O
5. 177,7cm, 64kg, 27,5cm
6. Sea urchin, whelk, steak, sushi, yakiniku, omurice, okonomiyaki
7. Fresh tomato, eggplant, celery
8. "拓"'s character so that I would be able to clear my own road. And "タクト" means conductor’s stick, so that I would also become a person who can take leadership.
9. When girls put lipstick outside their lips (?? idek)
10. Soccer
11. Soccer
12. Senga Kento-kun
13. Snow Man-san, Yasui Kentaro-kun, Anderson Casey
14. All of Kisumai’s songs
15. When a girl, who doesn’t usually have glasses, suddenly wears them
16. When my cat comes to me and wants to be spoiled
17. I’m a university student (who passed their entrance exams on the first try) Teranishi Takuto. My aim is to become a Johnny’s, who’s not Johnny’s like in a good way.

1. Hirano Sho
2. Sho
3. 1997.01.29
4. O
5. 170cm, 61kg, 26,5cm
6. Meat, nureokaki (apparently "wet senbei/rice cracker")
7. Shiitake mushroom
8. Because it’s cool
9. Licking my lips
10. None
11. Badminton
12. Yamashita Tomohisa-kun
13. Kamiyama Tomohiro-kun, Snow Man Sakuma Daisuke-kun
14. Black & While (Kis-My-Ft2)
15. Bangs lifted up, hair behind her ear
16. When I got a change (money) so that they gripped my hand
17. Hello, I’m Hirano Sho, Johnny’s Junior! My charm points are my strong eyebrows and pink lips! People around me call me airhead but from now on I aim at being intellectual. This was Hirano Sho. Please support me.

1. Matsumura Hokuto
2. Hokkun
3. 1995.06.18
4. B
5. 176cm, 62kg, 27,5cm
6. Healthy things (natto, tofu, soy milk, yoghurt etc)
7. Only tomato and cucumber
8. A wish that I would become a landmark to everyone, shining in the center of the sky like a Polaris (北極星), which former name was a Great Bear/Big Dipper (北斗星).
9. Touching my nose, laughing so that I open only the other corner of my mouth
10. Go-home club (ie. not part of any club activities)
11. Karate, running high jump, long jump
12. Yamashita Tomohisa-kun
13. Hamada Takahiro-kun
14. FIRE BEAT, Hair (Kisumai), HELL, NO (KAT-TUN)
15. Heaving a sigh while doing nothing
16. I was in a same elevator with a young girl and she called me cool all shyly
17. From now on I will do my best while having feelings of gratitude towards my fans!

1. Morimoto Shintaro
2. Shintaro
3. 1997.07.15
4. A
5. 173,5cm, 65kg, 27cm
6. Sushi
7. Broccoli
8. To live humbly
9. Biting my lip
10. Gymnastics
11. Surfing
12. Takizawa Hideaki-kun, Kimura Takuya-kun
13. Kiriyama Akito-kun
14. REAL DX (T&T)
15. When putting hair behind her ear
16. When a baby in a stroller saw my face and laughed/smiled so that their face got all wrinkled
17. From now on, I will do my best with singing, dancing and acting, so please support me.

1. Anderson Casey
2. Casey
3. 1995.01.15
4. B
5. 175cm, 58kg, 27cm
6. Raamen, Cheese macaroni, strawberries
7. Vegetables
8. A name of a soldier from the olden days
9. My Japanese becomes English-like
10. Dance (a ghost member)
11. Rock climbing
12. Nakamaru (Yuichi)-kun, Nishikido (Ryo)-kun
13. Sanada (Yuma)-kun, Nozawa (Yuki)-kun, Totsuka (Shota)-kun
14. Everybody Go (Kisumai), someday for somebody (KAT-TUN)
15. Putting her hair behind her ear
16. When I was holding a hedgehog at my friend’s house
17. I’m doing concerts, butais and TV appearances seriously and in good spirits so please check them out

1. Okamoto Kauan
2. Gabiao
3. 1996.05.24
4. O
5. 170cm, 58kg, 26,5cm
6. Our family’s stroganoff
7. There’s nothing!
8. It means falcon in Brazil’s indigenous people’s language
9. I always start singing
10. Basketball
11. Basketball
12. Yamada (Ryosuke)-kun, Ikuta (Toma)-kun, Matsumoto (Jun)-kun
13. Okamoto (Keito)-kun, Tsukada (Ryoichi)-kun
14. Shake it up (Kisumai), Yamada-kun’s ”Perfume”
15. なにげなく自分の髪の匂いをかいじゅう子 (I didn't understand this one, sorry... ::D)
16. When I was told to carry luggage. Also, I went kyun when looking at a magazine in which Yamada-kun appeared
17. I’m a half of Brazilian and Japanese. Imitations I’m good at are Mickey and the laughter of a most bad guys in anime. I can do capoeira. For people who support me: ”Eu te amo” ♥ <- That’s ”I love you” in Portuguese.

1. Masuda Ryo
2. Massuu
3. 1993.09.26
4. B
5. 176,5cm, 54kg, 26,5cm
6. Donuts, curry
7. Strawberry
8. For me to grow into a good kid!
9. I fall over to nothing
10. Tennis, basketball
11. Swimming
12. V6’s Sakamoto (Masayuki)-kun
13. Everyone in Snow Man (I get clothes from Sakuma-kun every year!), A.B.C-Z’s Tsukada (Ryoichi)-kun (He always takes me to eat yakiniku!)
14. All of V6’s songs!
15. The habit of keeping her hair behind her other ear!
16. When I saw a young girl giving her seat to an old man on train. While thinking that one doesn’t need to give up on the world, I went kyun-kyun!
17. I’m Masuda Ryo! I love singing! I love American comics! I aim at being an idol who could perform songs in a way that haven’t been performed yet and who could always maintain a happy relationship with the listeners! Please look after me.


That was it!

Hmm, recent things: So much school stuff to do, and the midterm period is also slowly getting nearer and nearer. :| I promised myself that I will GANBARU like crazy until midterms, because after them, there will be all kinds of stuff going on and I'll most likely need to skip classes more and all. The rest of the spring will most likely be both fun because of all the trips and cons coming up, and stressful because of the end of the semester and moving-out/going-back-home circus will start orz.

Fandom stuff! CREAAAA. The announcement came a lot earlier than I'd feared/expected, which is great. Anddd I have no complaints about the group I'd want to go and see. Of course shame that Taiga won't be there. But reallyyy, all the B6 lately, what is going on, stop teasing us already u__u
...I still haven't watched my Kisumai con DVD orz. Mostly because I'd need to borrow Siina's laptop for that since mine doesn't have the CD/DVD slot. I've also watched only half of the making of. One of these days... On the other news, I'm kinda excited for their new single. At least I'm super proud of the splitless covers! :3

ps. I'm almost ready to bet money that Taiga isn't 177cm?? I wonder if that's a typo or if he's KIND OF mistaken himself, or...? XD
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