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[translation] Bakaleya6, Duet 2015.04

Allll the B6! These interviews are too interesting and give me too many feels. :<
I also did Hokuto's short Q&A thing because it was hilarious.

Duet 2015.04

Kyomoto Taiga x Morimoto Shintaro x Jesse x Kouchi Yugo x Matsumura Hokuto x Tanaka Juri


I went to Kyoto for two days and one night with Kyomoto and Meguro Ren. It was my first time traveling with only friends so I was super nervous, it was kind of crazy. On the actual day I overslept and almost missed the Shinkansen, it was a stormy beginning! But I somehow made it in time and bought and ate an egg sandwich on Shinkansen (laughs). Kyomoto said: ”Let’s go eat super good egg sandwiches in Kyoto”, and I wanted to check what’s the difference to a usual one, so I tried eating them. But Kyoto’s egg sandwich was so good, to the point that it can’t even be compared to the ones they sell in stores. It was a feeling like ”I’m sorry that I compared them!”. Other than that, we went to Kiyomizudera, ate lots of samples of yatsubashi*, made teacups at ceramic art place, ate shabu-shabu… It was really so much fun that we made a promise to go again some time.
[* a local delicacy in Kyoto, triangle shape & made with bean paste]

The atmosphere/situation with the six

Even though we quarrel about what we think, because we mutually recognize our personalities, we are able to calm down when we’re together.

Kouchi Yugo

I went snowboarding with Fuma and Shintaro. I had done a promise with Fuma before to go together, and we invited other juniors to come too but everyone already had other plans so they couldn’t come. At last we asked Shintaro, who was like “I’ll come!” with super enthusiasm (laughs). We went to an indoor ski area and had Shintaro, who was good at snowboarding teach us because me and Fuma had just started snowboarding during the season before. But it’s boring to just normally slide down so we had a snowball fight while sliding (laughs). It was soo fun! We’re in the middle of making plans of going again during this season with everyone.

The atmosphere/situation with the six

All the members pretty much have the spirit full of vim and vigor, so we’ve been able to do the performances we couldn’t do 2-3 years ago properly now. There’s a feeling that we have grown a lot. We’ve also become able to throw our opinions at each other, and ”let’s tightly get together” kind of power of unity has also increased, so it’s really good.

Tanaka Juri

A while ago, we went to eat spicy raamen with Shintaro, Kouchi, Yasui and Jinguji. But we couldn’t all five sit together so we had to split in two groups. I sat together with Jinguji. I’m rather shy so when I’m alone with someone, I become weirdly nervous and stop talking (laughs). And Jinguji, who noticed that, started asking me all kinds of questions like ”I heard this kind of heroic story about Juri-kun, is that true?” and ”A type you’re not good with?”, and I just endlessly answered those and this kind of ”Q&A time” continued for like an hour (laughs).

The atmosphere/situation with the six

During the period when we were able to do individual activities we each matured, and now times when we’re gathered and doing things together as six have increased again and our connection is really natural and good. For me, they’re the group with which I can do my best performance.

Morimoto Shintaro

I went snowboarding with Fuma and Kouchi and after that, we also went to an onsen. In there, we were like “first, let’s have a meal!”. Kouchi ate udon and cold tofu. Fuma was super hungry so he had tonkatsu set meal, mini tuna-onion bowl and karaage. I had shougayaki bowl (pork fried with ginger), mini tuna-onion bowl, salad and fried squid tentacles. When the food came in front of me, I was like ”Will I be able to eat this all?” It was such a big amount. But Fuma and I properly ate everything. After that, we enjoyed ourselves in onsen and stone sauna. Then, I haven’t said this to anyone but... When I was washing my hair, suddenly bam! there was onigiri floating in my mind. Without thinking about it, I was like ”I want to eat that”. It was right after eating that amount of food though?! Even I became scared of my appetite!

The atmosphere/situation with the six

Everyone tease me too much! They say it’s because I’m cute. I haven’t felt down because of that but the always kind Kouchi is my emotional support (laughs).

Matsumura Hokuto

I haven’t gone out that much lately, so right now the thing I’m enjoying the most is listening to radio while having a bath. I plug waterproof speakers to my phone and listen to Ooizumi You-san’s radio show. Ooizumi-san’s talk is fun, so I may listen to the same show over and over again. I add this milk-like bathing powder and while doing this and that, take a bath for about an hour. The days when my family carelessly lets out the bath water and I have to go with only a shower... Such a shock (laughs).

The atmosphere/situation with the six

Before when we six were gathered together, there was this getting carried away kind of feeling, and we were only running with our energy. But now we each have different kind of pride compared to that time, and are properly gazing forward while gathered together. The naivety is also gone and we’re here without any collusions. The feelings of wanting to do performances that would make the fans happy have become stronger.

Kyomoto Taiga

Lately, I’ve been going to karaoke with Jesse! We are singing together more on Shounen Club and Gamushara J’s Party!!, so we practice. By the way, we also went today before this shooting. After we’d practiced songs that we’ll sing on next lives, we started singing this high school chorus contest kind of song on top of our lungs. That’s our routine (laughs). Actually, we’re also making songs with the two of us. For a song called ”Bokura no asa”, I wrote the lyrics and Jesse was in charge of composition with humming. On last year’s Christmas Eve I was eating chicken with my family when a got message from Jesse, who was in Osaka for concerts, hurrying me like ”are the lyrics done yet?”, so I wrote them. It became a song that fits perfectly for our mood, so I’m looking forward to being able to perform it!

The atmosphere/situation with the six

During the time we were apart, I feel like we each have gained professional awareness. We aren’t just playing around, and I think that the six of us now are really strong.


Wink Up 2015.04


"Hello! I love the Bakaleya members! Are the six of you still good friends? Also, I would like to hear some recent happenings with the Bakaleya members!" (pen name Honoka)

Hokuto: Lately, among the Bakaleya members it’s popular to imitate this one gym CM. Like, right before we take off our shirts, Juri or someone starts singing the BGM and we start doing these muscular poses. We might do that kind of playing 5 times in a row (laughs). And then, when we’re transfering by bus, we decide a topic and play shiritori*. Something like ”a line to suggest someone to stay over for the night”, over 18 type topics (laughs). That’s super boys’ school like feeling, right? In reality, there’s only one who’s still in high school but we’re all eternal high school students (laughs). We’re always like this, so I do think that we’re good friends!
[*Japanese word-chain game where a player says a word that starts with the syllable the previous word ended etc.]


Thank you for reading! :3 Comments are appreciated, as always~

Aww, I think it's so nice that they hang out together in their free time, too. Especially Taiga and Jesse doing karaoke and going to Kyoto together is cute :D And they all speak so seriously about this group-that-is-not-a-group, and it gives me the feeling that they're dealing with this more realistically now. Like, doing their best now but also realizing that anything can happen/change at any time. :< WAH.

Alsoo, je_wakamono's sign ups are open now, so people who like the "younger" groups and write fics, come to play~ :3
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