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[report] Bakaleya5/six tones, Crea 2015.04.30

I'm back from Tokyo and I wrote something!

This weekend was crazy, in a good way! So many things happened, my head's still spinning.

This report ended up way too long and scrappy, I'm sorry, I tried. There are also a couple of recordings at the end if someone's interested. Kouchi, Jesse and Shintaro's solos, the skit part (+ Mori Maccho Oniisan :D) and Endless Road.

Crea 4/30, Bakaleya6

Set list

Ai no Command
Le ciel
Shake it Up
Dance corner
3D girl
Make U Wet (Juri)
Beat box + rap + dance (Jesse/Juri/Shin)
Niji (Kouchi)
Fighting Man + double dutch, soccer, freestyle basketball
Jumpin’ Up
MC/game corner
Bokura no Asa (acapella, Taiga & Jesse)
Yume no Naka no Kimi (acapella, Jesse)
Mystery Virgin (Shintaro)
Love meee (Hokuto)
Andalucia ni akogarete
Unmei girl
TV skit
Thank you jyan
Six Senses
Endless Road



SO. I attended on the very first show (before the unit name announcement and all XD) of Group C (Bakaleya) Crea, so I had no idea what was coming when going there. My seat wasn’t the best possible, on the 19th row out of 22, but the venue is so small that I could still see to the stage perfectly. And the guys did come in to the audience and ran all the way to the back a couple of times, so they did come very close.

In a Myojo interview iirc, they had asked fans to settle down and wait on the their seats around five minutes before the start, so I was guessing there was some kind of surprise opening coming. Well, the surprise was Juri making an announcement with a funny voice. Like, no uchiwas so show your support with the penlights only and have fun etc etc. Apparently they rotate with the announcer, since on the next day, it was done by Shintaro and then Jesse.

AND THEN the whole thing started. We could hear their shout behind the curtains and then the music started. First song was KAT-TUN’s Ai no Command. I hadn’t heard that for a while, but it was really great and catchy opening! And after that, Le Ciel ;__; That was one song I’d so wanted to hear, I really like it when they do it. It was great even without Taiga.
They took mic stands for Sukisugite and omg the audience kyaa’d so much at their furis/dance moves XD It was cute! During the song, Jesse & Hokuto disappeared towards the end and then came out to start SADISTIC LOVE. In the beginning, they both had these white half masks on and took them away before the song started.

After that, there was a short dance corner, which started with Juri, and then Shintaro appeared on the high platform on the left side of stage. I kind of knew what was coming, and YES he did the daichuu! Only that his landing was a bit bad, so he ended up doing a somersault and rolling around a bit, but even with that, he managed to make it look smooth. For a second I was worried that he’d hurt himself but luckily not! Then they danced with Juri and OMG they did this amazing trick, like, Shin lifted Juri up and Juri put his leg on Shin’s shoulder/around his neck and then Shintaro kind of... threw/twisted Juri around??? It’s hard to explain, I hope they’ll do it on Shokura or something someday, because COOL :D

Then, the others came back on stage as well, but suddenly... it was six of them! Taiga was there! Man, the screams when people noticed him. They started 3D Girl. Their costumes were a bit different than those on Shokura, Jesse had Tama’s yellow hotel man jacket, Juri Miyata’s purple one, and Shintaro, instead of Nika’s awful sweater, had Yokoo’s orange jacket. Hokuto still wore Taipi’s jeans and Mitsu’s HAIR jacket. Those clothes looked way too good on him ::D
BUT YES, they were six and they did 3D girl with the original choreography and it was GREAT.

After that was Juri’s solo. Make U Wet XD He’ll go through Koki’s every solo, I guess. The choreo was also pretty identical to koki's. LOTS of hiprolling.

Then, after Juri’s solo, Jesse came on stage and was like “it’s my beat box” Nakamaru style and I went a bit ???. He beat boxed and Juri rapped and Shintaro, who’d also come on stage, started dancing on Jesse’s beat box. It was kind of cool!

After that, Jesse announced that now Kouchi will sing and the audience got rather excited. And what song!! It was Nino’s Niji and omg, it was so pretty! It was so nice to hear Kouchi sing properly, his voice was super soft and sweet. A great solo!

After that, it was Fighting Man and Shintaro, Hokuto and Juri came on stage with two ropes! 8D They did double dutch! Jesse did Taiga’s trick, he jumped over Shintaro into the ropes and tried to do Taiga's jumping thing, too, but that failed XD After that, Hokuto did his solo part + back flip and then Shintaro did donkey without mistakes. Then, Juri’s speed step! It didn’t succeed, sadly. Lastly, Shin did his longer backflip thing he usually did together with Shoki in Natsu Matsuri~ Then, Kouchi came up on stage, kicking a basketball XD He did a couple of tricks with that but at one point, the ball slipped and rolled in the audience, lol and the girl in the first row handed it back to Kouchi. Meanwhile, Jesse came up, too, with a jumping rope from his Gamushara Kimetaru J challenge. He did a couple of tricks with the rope and then Kouchi handed the basketball to Jesse and he did his tricks from Natsu Matsuri, as well.
It was a nice corner, I’m happy that I got to see double dutch once again :D Imo they should just make it a permanent part of their lives lol. Special skill of six tones, or something XD

Then Jumpin’ Up and after that, an MC, which was a game corner! Before that, they talked a bit about Taiga appearing. Jesse was like “You were thinking that he might come, weren’t you?”, to which Taiga was like “but you didn’t think that I’d come up wearing a costume, right?!” XD They said that right then, Taiga was on a break from Elizabeth’s practice, so he'd been able to go. He didn't appear during all the songs, though.

Well, anyway! They brought out two tables and four chairs and Kouchi & Jesse sat by the table on the left and Hokuto and Shin on right. Juri was MC and Taiga kind of helped him with that. They were doing this mutual understanding game, where you got a point if your answer matched with someone else’s. They did a example round with a question “among these six, who eats the most?”. The audience was laughing a bit at that and Shintaro was like “You all do know the answer already, right?” XD Everyone of course answered Shintaro, except Jesse, who wrote something else, but only to demonstrate that during the real game, there are wrong answers as well.

Then, for the real game. The first question was “among these six, who seems to be the fastest to get married?”. While the others were thinking of their answers, Taiga was like “when I was little, I dreamed that I’d get married when I’m 23. And my dreams usually come true, so, after three years...?” XD Well, maybe not.

Kouchi → Kouchi
Jesse → Kouchi (he wrote it as 高ち)
Hokuto → Hokkun
Shintaro → Tanaka

Reasons: Kouchi said he really loves children, to which Jesse said that during Bakaleya’s filming, Kouchi had been like “hey, what would be good names for kids?” etc. He apparently likes thinking of children names and said that he’d want to be a young dad to which others were like “that might be impossible” XD
Jesse said that when he’s with Kouchi, he thinks that he’d make a good father. So, like, having kids = getting married, apparently.
Hokuto talked about his pet and how there hasn’t been one day when he hasn't liked his pet so err, he was thinking of marrying his pet. XD IDEK?
Shintaro said that he chose by the appearance. He was like “did you see Juri’s solo just now? I mean! Those hip rolls! So I thought that from that, you know...”
And Juri was like “what do you mean? That has nothing to do with it! I can hip roll as much as I want!”

Next question: “If you were a girl, who’d you want to date among these six?” “You can choose yourself, too”, said Juri.

Kouchi → Jesse
Jesse → Kouchi (this time he wrote こう地)
Hokuto → Jesse
Shintaro → Jesse

Kouchi and Jesse were basically just being cute together, saying that they’re together all the time etc, and Taiga asked if they’re already dating. They also talked how Jesse and Shintaro had celebrated Kouchi’s birthday a while ago together.
Hokuto said something about Jesse being mysterious and a bit out of reach, so it’d be interesting.
And when Shintaro was being asked the reason, he was just like “I mean, he’s so cool?” And then Juri goes “he’s super noisy about that! During rehearsals when Jesse’s practicing alone, he’s standing there near him, going ‘Jesse’s so cool~ He’s really so cool. His legs are so long and thin...’” XD

Third question: “If you ended up on a deserted island, who’d you take with you?”
Juri said that he’d take Taiga with him. And Taiga was like, “you’d have to catch fish when you’re there right? I could do that. I was able to catch the unagi on Gamushara, too right?”
Hokuto said that he was hesitating a bit so he wanted to ask hint from the audience, so everyone shouted the one they’d answer. Well, one couldn’t make much of that, but I’d say I did hear “Shintaro” there quite clearly. Anyway, answers:

Kouchi → Shintaro
Jesse → Shin
Hokuto → Hokuto
Shintaro → Shintaro

Kouchi said that he’d make Shintaro taste everything he thinks is dangerous and then if Shintaro liked it and was fine even after like, 5 minutes, then Kouchi could eat it too XD
Jesse said that he thinks that Shintaro could make friends with animals and they could then help them. Like, if Shin stood still and held out his arms, birds would just fly and land on him etc.
Hokuto said himself, even though he can’t do anything, he was like, well, then we’d die but let’s smile until the very end! And Juri said that Hokuto would really by useless on a deserted island because he’s scared of everything, especially bugs. And Hokuto was like “isn’t that cute?” And Juri’s like “it’s cute but...” And Taiga: “You’d be done in three hours.”
Shintaro chose himself. “If there was two of me, I could do anything, right? I wouldn’t die", to whih audience laughed and applauded. And Juri was like “if there were two of you, the other could just ride on the other’s shoulders and you could swim home just like that.”

And then Juri explained that they had a camera there, with which they were supposed to take pictures for the Crea offshots for Johnny’s shop, and as a batsu game, the loser would have to do pocky game with Taiga while Juri’d take photos of it :D Loser was Hokuto, and when he heard that, he was like orz no. Taiga was like “well, during Bakaleya, we did go around holding hands and stuff. It feels like we’ve broken up once.”

Hokuto: “Can I go and shower before this?”
Jesse: “You two go and shower together!”

Well, after some giggling and being embarrassed, they finally did it and Juri got his photos. He made them do it again, though XD I think everyone’s seen the papa pics of that moment. The audience was screaming and Jesse did this hilarious high laugh and XD Then Juri went around showing the pics to others and Taiga was like “aah, the photo sales will go up because of this!”

Ah, when Juri was about to take the pictures, he was first about to take them from audience’s POV, in front of Hokuto and Taiga. Noticing this, Shintaro moved behind Hokuto and Taiga with his chair, his intention clearly to photobomb the pictures, but then Juri (probably because he noticed that) changed his mind and moved behind Hokuto and Taiga, his back towards Shintaro. Shin then had no choice but to go back to his seat, he was hitting his fist in the air, like “damn it”. Idiot XD

After the game corner, Jesse and Taiga did their Bokura no Asa acapella, and after that, Jesse did his new song, which he’d composed himself and written lyrics for. The name was Yume no naka no kimi, it was really pretty.

Then! The lights dimmed for a bit, someone walked up on stage and Mystery Virgin’s intro started. The audience got kinda excited, along with me, especially when I saw that it was Shintaro on stage. It was so so great to hear him sing properly ;__;; Stop hating your voice, you silly kid. From the middle Jesse and Juri came out and backdanced for him. The solo was great but somehow I expected more from the dance...? If I remember Yamada’s dance properly, this was a bit different and, idk, it felt sort of lame? I mean, because I know what Shin CAN do, this particular choreo wasn’t as cool as I’d expected. But still, all in all, I liked the solo!

After Shin was Hokuto, who did Taipi’s Love meee. I wasn’t at all surprised that he’d chosen Taipi’s song XD If Juri’s going through Koki’s solos, then Hokuto sure is doing the same with Taipi’s. It was nice, his dancing/movements in the beginning and at the end was marionette-like, if you know what I mean. There was also a white rose and a chair. And he kept his shirt on this time, surprisingly XD

Then, Andalucia ni akogarete! I went all 8DD when the intro started. First Jesse came up on the upper platform, wearing a red suit and black fedora. He walked down the stairs and then Hokuto came up and joined him. Then Jesse disappeared and Shin came up, then Kouchi and lastly Juri. I was excited for the choreo, especially the picking-the-jacket-up-with-your-mouth -part and DAMN IT WAS HOT. And they looked damn good all lined up in the red suits and black hats. Please, do this performance also on Shokura or something! *__*

After that were Vanilla, ROCK YOUR SOUL and Unmei Girl, and then it was time for the TV skit! The setting was Juri coming home and then sitting down on the edge of the stage to watch TV. Every time he ”switched the channel”, the lights would go off and different person(s) appear on stage. First it was a music show with Kinki Kids Kids (so of course Jesse XD), who was about to sing Ai no Katamari. The intro started playing but pretty soon, Jesse told the music off, saying that the lights were too bright. A new try. The intro started playing again, but this time the lights were off completely so Jesse was like ”stop it!” again. ”It’s too dark, you can’t see my face!” With the third try, lights were ok and the intro started playing.... and then came the outro XD So Jesse didn’t sing at all.

Juri switched the channel saying ”Ah, there’s this animal show going, this is really popular right now!” Again, everyone kinda knew what to expect after that. There were Hokuto and Shintaro, and Hokuto goes ”I’m at Crea Zoo right now! Here, an animal who can speak human language has been born! Let’s interview it!”
Then Hokuto pointed the mic at Shintaro, and he started slowly growling something incomprehensible XD Juri was like ”Too long!” and switched channel. The audience went ”Eeeehh”, protesting to Juri, haha. But Juri said "if we let him speak, that'll be the end of these Crea shows!"

Then, it was a CM. Kouchi came up shouting ”Inaba Tai Curryyy~ It's very delicious!” Then he started running around on stage, sing-songing ”I also want to appear in a CM, I want to appear in a CM more than Kyomoto! So please, use Kouchi Yugo!” Then he bowed and exited and Juri was like ”You were just using this opportunity to promote yourself lol”.
Then Juri was like ”Oh, let’s check the animal show again, maybe they’re showing some other animal now”, but when the lights went back on, Hokuto was still beside Shin, interviewing him and Shin was still growling something, so Juri switched again.

Juri: ”Ah, there’s this Taisou [gymnastics] Oniisan program, let’s watch that!”

Lights went on and Shintaro came on stage, followed by Hokuto, Jesse and Kouchi. Shin was wearing a tanktop and being super genki and speaking with this comical voice. He was the dance instructor and he told everyone to sit down and put down their penlights because we’d be learning a dance now! It was Kisumai’s Thank You Jyan. So Shin, or Mori Maccho Oniisan, taught us the furis and we practiced them together and he complemented the audience and was being very sensei-like XD Juri kept tsukkoming him from where he was still sitting and watching the show and a couple of times, Hokuto corrected Shintaro with this cute and sweet voice. Juri was like ”that assistant is cute”, to which Shin was like ”Yes, he’s a good assistant indeed, right.”

Because Shin was talking in this funny voice, his voice started cracking at some point and Juri was like ”sensei’s voice is weird, will you be ok?” and Shin had to be like ”Excuse me” and turned around and cleared his throat at one point. When we’d learned the dance, Shin turned towards Juri and was like ”Ok, you who’re watching TV right now! You need to dance with us!” And Juri was pointing at himself, like me?? And Shin goes, ”Yes, you right there! Stand up!” Juri didn’t move so Shintaro started walking towards him, so Juri gave up and was like ”hai, hai, hai” and stood up. To the audience, Shintaro was like ”you guys still sit down. Only Tanaka needs to stand up” and Juri tsukkomid with ”how does he know my name??”

I swear, Mori Maccho Oniisan was HYSTERICAL, I was laughing so much, Shin’s gestures and his voice were so damn funny XD He said that he tried not to imitate Moro with that character but admitted that it ended up kind of similar.
Anyway, after we’d learned the furis, the song started and we then danced for it together. Fun!

Thennn, HELL NO and Six Senses, the good old Bakaleya songs <3 I will never get tired of hearing/seeing these. But after those, they surprised me.
Endless Road! ;_; It was the best and the worst at the same time. That song’s one of my all time favourite Kisumai songs, and has so many feelings in it, and now when those six were doing it, I had a hard time fighting back my tears. So pretty! And at the end, they stood in the middle of the stage in a circle, all facing each others, singing ”jidai wa bokutachi wo yonderu~” (the era’s calling us) AND I CANNOT ;__; All my feelings and tears, tyvm.

Then they left, but came back for two encores still. First song was weeeek, and the last one, omg I had so waited for this one, Rockin’! :D I’m really happy they did all the ”old” songs they used to sing back in 2012. And they seemed to have fun, they were so comfortable with each other and even though there were some small misses here and there, all in all the live was super fun and great, I am so ridiculously happy that I was able to go. Also so ridiculously happy that Taiga was there. Lol, just the day before I had been thinking how I hadn’t managed to see them as six during this year at all, AND NOW. T__T I’m so thankful.

It really was their concert, they’d made it look like themselves, all from the song choices to the solos to the double dutch-freestyle basket corner and to the skit. It was all very much them, it was great to watch it. I AM PROUD. And what I’m really really happy about is that finally we were able to hear all of them sing properly. I don’t mean only solos, they’d divided the songs in a way that they all had solo lines which was really great~

Messy report is messy, my apologies. >_<

But here are some of the songs:

Kouchi - Niji
Jesse - Yume no naka no kimi
Shintaro - Mystery Virgin

TV skit
six tones - Endless Road


THEN. I haven’t yet flailed about this anywhere else than on Twitter, so excuse me for a while: I AM STILL SO HAPPY ABOUT THEIR GROUP NAME. And I still have a hard time believing that this is the reality. Every time I think about it, I either go all wibbly and teary or then start smiling like an idiot, like, AAAH, it feels like my heart isn’t big enough for all these emotions T__T Like, when I was naming those files just now, I was being like "so i can really write six tones in here????" (Now I'd just like to know the official romanization of the name. I see Japanese writing "six tones" a lot, and I personally prefer that version to 6 Tones, idk, it looks better to my graphic designer eyes haha. But we'll see. I'm sticking to six tones until we hear something more about it.)

I was watching Kabuki on the 1st, during the Crea show and the announcement, and wasn’t able to check my twitter, so when I finally got out, my TL was all exploded ::D Then there was a total emotional wreck me, who wandered towards Hibiya, trying not to cry in public lol orz.

And awwww, how they're referring to themselves as "Tanaka Juri of six tones", "Matsumura Hokuto of six tones" now WAAAH ;A;

Yeah, I still feel like bursting from happiness >_< MY BOYS ♥♥♥♥

/rolls around in feels.

If you read this all through, thank you and sorry XD/
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