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[translation] SixTONES, Popolo 2015.08

Hiya, long time no see! Summer's made me extremely lazy, also there isn't that much going on right now, except soon me traveling around Finland on weekends to see friends and do summer-y things~

Aanyway. I translated something after a while! I absolutely wanted to do the new SixTONES Popolo interview, because they re-did the same polaroid + character explanation that I translated back in 2013. :D IT'S BEEN ALMOST 3 YEARS OMG. AND NOW THEY'RE A PROPER GROUP WITH A NAME ;A;<3 (yes, I still get super emotional over this at times u__u)

But without further a do, the interview:

Popolo 2015.08


Photograps & comments:

I am with no genre

With the meaning of being a man who can do anything by myself, I don’t want to create a favourite genre. And the meaning behind taking a picture with not-at-all-showing-off face is that I want to always be like myself. I want to betray everyone, in a good way!

Hokuto can eat even miso soup deliciously

Hokuto’s really cool when he’s drinking miso soup. Even though he’s drinking it all normally he’s cool, I occasionally stare at him and think that it’s as expected of Hokuto. Lately I can’t help but see Hokuto as Johnny Depp, is that only me (laughs)?

Kyomoto is which faction?

Kyomoto used to show off before but lately he’s not been doing that and has a natural feeling. He’s both cool and funny so I wonder which way he wants to go for? I myself like the funny Kyomoto.

Shintaro has become cooler.

Among us six, the one that has become the most cool is absolutely Shintaro! He was a kid before but in addition to his wild appearance, he’s becoming really good in acrobatics. I think one can see that he’s having fun while doing things~

Juri is ikemen itsumen*

Even though it seems like he’s always fooling around, Juri’s actually thinking seriously about things. He’s a good-looking guy and super kind, so it’s fun to be with him. But please stop making a weird face as soon as I point a camera at you (laughs).

[*itsumen=itsumono member, ie. a member who’s always with you]

Kouchi is like always.

If it’s Kouchi, I know everything about him so I tried taking a pic of him in a natural situation. It hasn’t changed that he’s carefree and everyone’s mother but hasn’t he become more manly lately? Well, from my point of view, he still isn’t quite there yet though (laughs).

Recent memo:
Laughing is good for your body, right.
I went to see a comedy live and I was laughing from the bottom of my heart the whole time. It was different from plays and musicals as the tempo was good, so it was very instructive. After that, I went for a meal with TKO-san.

Photographs and comments:
Matsumura Hokuto

Jesse is pigeon, the symbol of peace

Jesse is alllways calm towards everyone. It is said that the symbol of peace is pigeon but I think that even over a pigeon, Jesse fits more for it. Feels like this peaceful a guy, no matter how many years pass, won’t change.

I am a wolf and a killer whale

A wolf that’s barking in the snow is attractive and miserable, and a killer whale that’s fighting in the sea is cool. I was thinking that that’s exactly like me (laughs). I like wolfs and killer whales so it’d be nice if I could become like them one day. I long for that!

Kyomoto is KING OF the only child

I know many people who are the only child but among them, Kyomoto is the KING. He’s my pace and has a unique world view and I think that’s outstanding to the point that no one’s been able to beat that. Please stay like that~!

Shintaro is a child of spot-billed duck

What happened, Shintaro? Before, you were doing things you like more freely but lately you’re taking action while thinking about lots of things. I guess this is the proof that he’s become an adult. But I also like the Shintaro who’s noisily flapping his wings.

Juri is narcissist... Forever...

He’s often looking at the mirror and minding about his hair. His narcissistic part hasn’t changed but the fact that he’s become able to note his surroundings and behave according to that is great, I think. Juri also expressed the challenge of a narcissist who’s sunken into a lake very well, right? [T/N: referring to the picture, I assume XD]

Kouchi is an egg (tamago-san)

Kouchi’s thinking about lots of things in his head but I don’t know yet how that all is... It kind of resembles of how you don’t know the insides of an egg until you cut it, right~ Even though he’s carefee, that’s only his expression and on the inside he’s an extremely passionate person!

Recent memo:
Time with your good friend is relaxing
After some time, I was able to go shopping and have a meal with my friend. Our conversation was full of joking, and when I was asked ”you’re my close friend, right?”, I jokingly answered ”that’s not true~”, but that kind of made me happy.

Photographs and comments:
Kyomoto Taiga

Jesse is a lost child, a Hollywood star

Firstly his face, the feeling that he’s come to visit Japan [as a foreigner] is no joke. His style is also good and he’s good at singing, so he’s like a Hollywood star! About the ”lost child” part, he’s between an adult and a child and no one knows how he’ll become from now on, so that’s the meaning of it.

Hokuto is fascinating intellectual sniper

Since before, Hokuto’s mind has always worked quickly and he’s always said things that are on the point but lately it feels like he’s improved in that yet again. Plus, his sexiness is number 1 among the juniors. I mean, he’s intellectual and sexy, so it seems like there’s nothing that he's afraid of.

I am a blue bird that’s mimicing an idol

Actually, I’m a blue bird but in order to make everyone happy, I changed my form into an idol. (the members give a wry laugh). I shall send love and happiness to all of the little birds [kotorichan-tachi], so everyone, please wait ♥ How was that? Weird, huh (laughs).

Shintaro is kind-hearted sea guy

Because he pays attention to others, Shintaro is the only one who notices the little changes in one’s mood. I haven’t seen this gentle of a guy before. But he likes the sea too much and becomes pitch black, please stop doing that!

Juri is a fish-like rapper

It’s not that he looks like a fish, but his field of vision is wide like fishes'. Like, Juri sees things that I don’t see. And then, his rap abilities are just getting better so doing performances with Juri is really fun.

Kouchi is a grandpa who’s achieved enlightement

Especially when getting make-up, his appearance from behind resembles nothing but a grandpa. He’s too calmed down and it feels like he’s achieved enlightement from this youth. It’s a very fitting naming for the Kouchi, who’s always calm and gentle, right!

Recent memo:
I was happy of the kindness of Takizawa-kun
Takizawa-kun made a noren [a sign curtain that’s usually hung outside of stores & restaurants] for plays for me. I was really so happy, so that’s my treasure. There are lots of pressure and worries but thanks to Takizawa-kun, my motivation became MAX!

Photographs & comments:
Morimoto Shintaro

Jesse is perfect all-mighty BOY

That’s because his singing, dancing, face and style are all good and he has this OK aura and a feeling of presence only by standing on stage. The foreign sense and mood is also good. When Jesse’s off [ie. not working], he’s just generally kind, so in many ways, he’s perfect.

Hokuto HAVE A TWO FACE [T/N: that was written like this in the mag. Shin’s English skillz lol]

On stage, he’s sexy and erotic and makes fans go kyaa kyaa, but when we’re in dressing room, he’s usually clinging close to me because he loves me, so he’s a guy with two faces (laughs).

Kyomoto is white-skinned Rose Troupe

He’s fair-skinned and his face is also beautiful and pure, and even if he was in Takarazuka* it wouldn’t be weird, so I made it Rose Troupe. Because in reality, the rose seems to fit him. But when I took the picture there was no rose, so he used a shoehorn instead (laughs).

[*the all-female theater troupe based in Takarazuka, Osaka. They have different troupes named hana, tsuki etc.]

I am a roaring gorilla-chan

I soon want to change my character from the gorilla chara (laughs). But the signifigance [of the character] is delicious/interesting, so I think I’ll wait-and-see. So, being likable like a puppy, I’m going to stay as a "yelp yelp" roaring gorilla-chan.

Juri is 1STZ

Compared to before, Juri’s become better at switching between on and off and also better at being an MC on stage, so he’s become able to read the atmosphere better. Because of that, like DAIGO-san, 1 = the most, S = grown, T = long-armed, Z = monkey! [T/N: makes more sense in japanese, surprise surprise: 1 = ichiban, S = seichou shita T = tenaga Z = zaru]

Kouchi is wild dad

He gives you advice and says the right thing like a father. Because he likes bikes, he’s wild when he’s off [work] (laughs).

Recent memo:
The school trip to Hokkaido was really fun
I went to Hokkaido for a school trip. The sushi and jingisukan were super delicious. I was looking forward to meeting a gorilla at Asahiyama zoo but there weren’t any, it was a shame (laughs).

Photographs & comments:
Tanaka Juri

Jesse is lonely adult?

Even though he’s this big, he’s gets lonely super easily and it’s cute♥ When he’s going to toilet he absolutely asks me to come with him, and when we’re at a location we don’t know that well, he keeps close to me. If I’m not around, he’s no good.

Hokuto is really an idiot

Among us six, the one who’s thinking up stupid stuff is me but the one who gets on with that is Hokuto. He’s smart but as he also plays along with me, he’s kind, too. So, actually, I’m thinking that maybe he’s a bit of an idiot.

Kyomoto is a well-trained, cute pet

If I had this cute of a pet, I almost wouldn’t want to go anywhere. Like, I don’t want to go work alone today so I’d especially arrange a meeting, he’s a likable pet like that. Unlike Shintaro, he has the feeling of not struggling and being an elegant pet.

Shintaro is a pet at a zoo

Even though Shintaro’s the only one who comes into my private time with dirty feet, he’s a good guy. I mean, when he’s with me, he comes to talk to me with a happy face so it’s cute! I’m Shintaro’s caretaker so I must look after him!

I am too normal

I’m often told I’m funny or cheerful but actually, Tanaka Juri is a normal guy. I have a gloomy side too and I’m not always making merry... But when I’m with these five, I’m always having fun and can smile.

Kouchi is my mama ♥

If I have something I don’t know, he can tell me anything, he knows where the toilet is or when do we need to meet up, he’s a great person. It’s been up until now but from now on too, even when I become an adult, I’m sure that Kouchi will look after me and my life.

Recent memo:
Reputation is good so I’m going on like this!
When I cut my hair that had got long, the good valuation I got after that surprised me! Rather, I was like ”So the me up until now was so bad?” (laughs). Because it’s summer, I’m keeping this short style for a while.

Photographs & comments:
Kouchi Yugo

Jesse is appropriate for his age, a spoiled child

Jesse’s tall and because he’s shy he can be super quiet so he gives out an adult feeling. But I think that his figure when he’s playing with Shintaro is a different kind of companion, and when he comes to me being like ”let’s go ro xx!”, depending on me, that side of him is little brother like.

Hokuto is very cool if just he’s quiet

When Hokuto appears on Popolo, he’s a cool character then also, right. But when he starts talking, he jokingly says things like ”I hate you~” to Shintaro, and is chattering away (laughs). If he just doesn’t talk, he’s cool number 1.

Kyomoto is man-made airhead

He’s smart so he’s properly thinking about work. But, he’s an airhead in front of the audience and suddenly says things that don’t fit in the moment. I don’t really know whether he’s an airhead or just unnatural (laughs) but whichever is charming.

Shintaro is eternal junior [ie. younger]

Shintaro’s history in the company is long and he has plenty of experience. But right now, he’s on 3rd year in high school and when he’s playing with Hokuto, he’s a complete teased character (laughs). From now on too our age gap won’t change but I want him to stay as a cute junior character.

Juri is a friend from home area

Juri has this feeling of a long time friend from my home area. He’s like, a friend to who I can easily and naturally talk to. And even if I didn’t want to talk, just being with him feels comfortable and the mood is good.

I have the lowest fuel consumption in the group

Ever since I became 20, I’ve become unable to idiotically consume my stamina while thinking about the following day. After I come home from work and when I take a bath, I still properly have my stamina left. Because I have spare energy, I’m putting it all into work!

Recent memo:
In future, I want to be on a wonderful cruiser with us six
A while back, I rode on a super wonderful cruiser at work. I really thought that when all of SixTONES are past 20, we’d be on that kind of boat and toast with champange out in the sea.


scan credits to yoshiko_mama.
thanks for reading, comments are appreciated as always :3

also, YAY at six tones doing shounentachi in fall :D the poster is just hideous lol, but what else is new. i'm happy that they're doing stuff! together! i just hope they don't die, it's only two weeks between the end of gamushara shows and the start of the play :x
other than that, i'm super looking forward to gamushara summer station and how each team and their performances will turn out~
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